Welcome to the Astilbe Website

The aims of the website are to publicise the National Collection of Astilbes at Marwod Hill Gardens in North Devon, England, and to help in the identification of all species and cultivars of Astilbes which are currently in the Collection and in cultivation.

Buy astilbes direct from Marwood Hill Gardens.

Devon's National Collection of Astilbe is held at Marwood Hill Gardens in North Devon. Working very closely with the Lakeland Horticultural Society, who hold the other national collection, our aim is to be able to collect and grow all species and cultivars which still exist in the world today.

At present we have over 120 forms and are hopeful that we shall be able to increase this by another 20-30.

We have established contact in various countries with people who have an interest in growing Astilbes and who have collections of them. One lady in Latvia has several of the Arends cultivars which were lost both in his nursery and throughout Europe during the Second World War. These together with ones obtained from Russia, Holland, Germany and America have increased the collection in recent years.

Most of the collection is planted in the gardens around the sides of the lakes and stream at Marwood  Hill and these produce an impressive splash of colour from late May to September.

Malcolm Pharoah
Marwood Hill Gardens
Devon EX31 4EB