Marwood Hill Gardens Astilbes.

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Astilbe Name Astilbe Assessment Flower Image
Alive and Kicking Late flowering, and a good deep colour. Strong stems and a very good plant. Should be grown for many years to come.
Amerika Available from one or two nurseries in UK. Growers from some European countries report it to have slightly different coloured flowers, this may be because of different soil conditions. A very good early flowering cultivar of excellent habit. A unique coloured form.
Amethyst Available in the U.K. from several nurseries. Unusual colour. A very good garden cultivar. Excellent growth and strong upright stems. Light shade preserves the colour.
Angel Wings Available in U.K. from one or two nurseries. Low growing and a good late white flower.
Anita Pfiffer Described by Arends as brilliant salmon pink. Inclined to flower irregularly it is a reliable cultivar with good foliage. Has been sold in the past as Bonanza which is not a registered cultivar name.
Aphrodite Available from a few nurseries in UK. Low growing plant with very attractive flowers. Not vigorous growing. Is inclined to produce a paler pink sport.
Aphrodite sport An attractive form with good foliage. Simplicifolia hybrid
Avalanche Available from a few nurseries in the UK. A vigorous sturdy plant with creamy-white panicles still grown commercially throughout Europe as a pot plant although the flower stems may be rather long.
Bakkers Beauty
Beauty of Ernst Available in the UK from a few nurseries but will become popular in the next few years. A new colour break with colourful foliage in June onwards of green with reddish purple colouring. Flowers produced late in season.
Bergkristall Available from a few nurseries in UK and more in Europe. A very reliable cultivar but not too vigorous however it does make a good garden plant.
Betsy Cuperus Available from a few nurseries in UK. A tall plant needing plenty of moisture. Ideal beside ponds and streams. Useful plant with drooping pale pink panicles.
Biternata Very primitive looking flower spike and not very ornamental. A plant for the wild garden
Bonn A very good plant for garden and forcing. Always produces a lot of flowers. Available in nurseries and garden centres in U.K. Popular in Europe
Boogie Woogie Available from several nurseries in UK and Europe. Good late flowering form of compact habit and nice colour. It has strong stems and good flowers. A good garden plant
Brautschleier ( Bridal Veil ) Available from many nurseries and Garden Centres in UK and Europe. A very popular cultivar which is widely planted. Reliable and free flowering. Excellent garden plant. Sold as Bridal Veil in UK
Bremen Available from several nurseries in UK. A low growing early flowering form of good colour and habit. Ideal for pot growing and forcing in Europe. "Cannot be bettered for mid-season forcing and as a garden plant" Arends Astilbe japonica hybrid
Bressingham Beauty Available from many nurseries in UK. A popular and reliable hybrid with attractive pink flowers. Drooping panicles.
Bronze Elegance Available from several nurseries and Garden Centres in UK and Europe. Low growing plant with variable shaded flowers of pink. Foliage bronze tinged. Very good ground cover plant which will tolerate drier and shadier conditions.
Bronzelaub An excellent plant of low habit with good flowers and excellent dark foliage. It is a shame it is not more available in garden centres or nurseries.