Marwood Hill Gardens Astilbes.

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Astilbe Name Astilbe Assessment Flower Image
Rock and Roll A very good new cultivar with good white flower spikes on strong stems and very floriferous. Makes an excellent garden plant.
Rosa Perle A very floriferous cultivar with panicles of light pink bead-like flowers. Medium height and a good garden plant. Synonym Pink Pearl
Rosenschleier Very similar to Betsy Cuperus only smaller. The cultivar Straussenfeder (Ostrich Plume) is a more popular form and is a deeper colour. A good garden plant but needs plenty of water to make good plants. Graceful arching stems of flower.
Rot Straussenfeder A darker form than Strausenfeder (Ostrich Plume) although unlikely to become popular. Needs plenty of water to make it grow well. Ideal beside streams and ponds. Long arching sprays of flowers late in the season.
Rotlicht (Red Light) A very good cultivar for forcing or growing in the garden. Produces many good flower spikes of a good deep colour on strong stems.
Rubella A very old cultivar with rather primitive flowers although a good garden plant. Now superseded by many other newer cultivars.
Salmon Queen (see Lachskonigen) A pleasant salmon pink flower similar to Rosa Perle and Erica in that it has bead like petals. Makes a good garden plant with strong upright stems and increases well
Salmonea A good garden plant for the front of the border. Often reverts back to Dunkellachs so can have the two forms together.
Sarma A good white cultivar with strong stems and nice flowers. Makes a good garden plant.
Shelia Haxton A low growing chinensis hybrid suitable for the front of the border. Available from a few nurseries in U.K.
Sister Therese (see Suster Terese)
Snowdrift An attractive and good garden plant. Plants can have yellowish foliage if not grown well.
Solferino An excellent cultivar which has been lost to cultivation in the past but makes a good garden plant with strong stems and beautiful heads of flower. Should be grown more.
Sprite A very popular cultivar in UK making good clumps of dark foliage and many sprays of pinkish flowers. Should be grown by everyone. A good front of border plant.
Stand and Deliver Good new introduction with strong stems a good coloured flowers. Makes an excellent garden plant. Should be popular for many years to come.
Straussenfeder (Ostrich Plume) Not grown a lot in gardens as it is tall and needs plenty of water to flower well. Still it is a good garden plant which extends the astilbe season as it flowers late.
Sugarberry Low growing cultivar with good strong stems and with very dense spikes. Makes an excellent garden plant.
Suster Terese (Sister Terese) A lovely introduction with strong thick stems supporting the attractive bushy heads of flowers. Grows and increases well in gardens. Should be around for many years.
Thunbergii An attractive plant for the garden but needs plenty of water to make it grow well. Parent of several thunbergii hybrids and all have same habit.
Upright Unknown