Marwood Hill Gardens Astilbes.

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Astilbe Name Astilbe Assessment Flower Image
Vesuvius A very good garden plant with strong dark foliage. Flowers abundantly every year of a dark colour. Available from several nurseries in U.K. and in some garden centres. Available in Europe.
Visions Now a very popular cultivar throughout Europe with very strong stems holding bushy heads of flOwers. Makes a very good garden plant. Unfortunately the plant is spoilt by decaying flowers at the base of the panicle and can look very unsightly.
Visions in Pink A strong low growing plant making a good garden plant. Creates a spectacular sight at first but as the lower flowers fade they detract from the overall appearance.
Visions in Red Probably the best of the Visions forms making an excellent garden plant with strong stems and showy flowers. Like all Visions forms it can be spoilt by the lower flowers decaying.
W.E.Gladstone Now superseded by newer white cultivars although it was very popular when it was released as it was a good cultivar for forcing for the pot plant market.
Walkure Appears to have disappeared from commerce and superseded by newer cultivars. A very late flowering form which is quite attractive but newer forms are much better. Rather tall although stems are quite strong.
Weisse Gloria (White Gloria) One of the best of all Astilbes making an excellent garden plant with good strong stems carrying the creamy white bushy flowers well above the neat foliage. However there are several nurseries selling inferior forms so it is worth seeking out the true form before buying. It increases well and makes good clumps. Like all Gloria forms it wilts very quickly when used as cut flowers.
Weisse Perle A tall cultivar making a good garden plant however possibly superseded by other white cultivars now. Makes a good cut flower.
William Reeves A good garden cultivar the dark red form of Granat. Unfortunately it reverts back to Granat so the two cultivars are often seen in the same clump. It is difficult to keep the cultivar as a pure colour.