Marwood Hill Gardens Astilbes.

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Astilbe Name Astilbe Assessment Flower Image
Etna Probably the best red cultivar and very popular. Very floriferous early flowering which can be depended upon to give a good display every year. Increases well.
Europa The first cultivar to flower each year. Used extensively in Europe for forcing in the pot plant industry. Very similar to Peach Blossom although it has broader petals.
Fanal Very popular red flowered cultivar producing many flowers every year. Should be grown in every garden.
Fata Morgana A good deep red flower although stems are not particularly strong so flowers can bend easily. There are better red coloured cultivars.
Federsee One of the best Arendsii hybrids. Excellent for garden use and may also be forced. Available in nurseries in U.K. and in Europe. Has been sold at one time as Catherine Deneuve.
Feuer (Fire) A popular red cultivar which flowers freely and grows well. Often produces a sport of deeper red colour named Glut (Glow) so both coloured forms can be on the same plant.
Fireberry Good low growing cultivar with dense flower spikes. Should make a good garden plant and possibly good for the pot plant market as it has a compact habit.
Flamingo Spectacular panicles of flower making a good compact plant. Not too vigorous so is never going to be a widely grown plant
Gertrude Brix Was very popular when new but now superseded by other red cultivars. sports freely. Colour comes mainly from sepals and filaments. Makes a very good garden plant and increases well. It is also an early flowering form and of dwarf habit.
Gloria A popular cultivar available from many nurseries in UK and Europe. Good garden plant with dense panicles of a pleasant colour. Makes good clumps and increases well. Wilts quickly when cut so not used in the cut flower industry.
Gloria Purpurea Very good cultivar of a darker colour than Gloria and with good foliage. Wilts quickly when cut.
Glut (Glow) A popular deep red, late flowering cultivar. Often sold as Glow in the UK. Can often sport back to Feuer so can have both cultivars in the same plant. A very good cultivar making a good garden plant with strong stems and plenty of flowers.
Granat Available from many nurseries in UK and Europe. A very popular tall cultivar. Can produce dark red flowers on the same plant, this is the sport called "William Reeves". Makes large clumps which produce masses of flower.
Harmony A graceful and useful garden plant which should be grown much more. Foliage has bronze tinge to it most of season. Makes large clumps with good foliage and flower.
Heart and Soul A good compact plant. Late flowering. Makes a god garden plant but liable to be superseded in coming years. Colour of flowers similar to many others.
Hennie Graffland A useful cultivar similar to the popular Sprite but pinker. Flowers well every year and a good plant for the front of a border.
Henry Noblett A very good cultivar of strong colour and good habit. Foliage very neat. Makes good clumps of a low height late in the season.
Holsatia A very nice late flowering cultivar flowering well every year and making good clumps. Should be grown more.
Hyacinth Available from several nurseries in UK and Europe. A popular cultivar making good clumps with strong stems and many flowers over a period of time. Increases well.
Inschriach Pink A very good garden plant, low growing so good at the front of the border. Deep green neat foliage - a trouble free plant.