Marwood Hill Gardens Astilbes.

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Astilbe Name Astilbe Assessment Flower Image
Irene Rottsieper A good tall cultivar which gives height to a bed of Astilbes. A shame it isn't available in nurseries although the need for dwarf cultivars makes it unattractive for the modern garden. Panicles held well above the foliage.
Irrlicht A useful white with a long narrow panicle. Makes a good dwarf plant for the garden with dark foliage Available from a few nurseries in the U.K.
Jaqueline A low growing attractive plant with broad purplish-pink panicles. Ferny foliage and an excellent garden plant. Available in some nurseries in U.K.
Jump and Jive A very good new cultivar which should be around awhile. Good strong stems and flowers.
Koblenz A popular early flowering cultivar raised initially for the forcing market because of its low height, it is an excellent garden plant. Parent of Red Sentinel.
Koln Very similar to Koblenz and a good cultivar for forcing as well as growing in the garden. Early flowering and a good strong colour. Increases well.
Kvele (Kwell) A very good cultivar which should be known better than it is. Makes good clumps of dark foliage often tinged bronze with masses of flowers produced on strong stems.
Lachskonigen (Salmon Queen) An excellent cultivar although quite tall for today's modern gardens. Large clumps of strong stems with attractive flowers. Flowers have very small or no petals and the colour coming from the carpels.
Lili Goos A good cultivar rarely available which is a pity as it is a good garden plant with deep red flowers on strong stems. Arends described the flowers as "Dark salmon-crimson"
Lollipop A very nice cultivar with good strong stems and dark foliage. Was initially available in many nurseries but now only a few as the novelty of it has warn off and new cultivars are introduced. Not very vigorous so doesn't bulk up quickly for nurseries to divide it.
Love and Pride A late flowering cultivar not very vigorous and will quickly be lost in nurseries by newer novelties. Reasonable garden plant but similar to many others.
Magenta An old cultivar lost to cultivation although worthy of planting in a collection. A primitive looking flower spike with loose heads of flowers.
Maggie Daley A very good garden plant with strong stems holding the flowers above the dark green foliage. An excellent plant which should be grown more.
Mainz A very good dark coloured japonica form flowering early of low height. A good garden plant although is not particularly vigorous so is now superseded by newer cultivars. A good plant for forcing.
Mars A tall growing cultivar which is a good garden plant although its stems are rather weak and tend to blow over in wind. Good at the back of borders. A good deep colour to the flowers.
Marwood seedling A very good garden plant with graceful spikes of cream flowers late in the year. Flowers over a long period.
microphylla Hardly worth growing as the spikes have sparse flowers. Only attribute is its lateness of flowering and ability to grow in wet poor soils. Good in naturalist planting schemes.
Midnight Arrow A striking plant ideal for the back of borders or as an accent plant. Tall with dark purple narrow panicles of flowers. Excellent habit and flowers freely every year. Does need plenty of water to bring out its best.
Milk and Honey Bushy panicles and the first of two with greenish yellow foliage. A new break in Astilbes. An excellent new cultivar which will prove popular. Good garden plant with strong stems and spikes.
Moerheim Glory A tall plant with long spikes of flower making a good cultivar in the back of the border. Is used for forcing in Holland and the cut flower market.