Marwood Hill Gardens Astilbes.

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Astilbe Name Astilbe Assessment Flower Image
Moerheimii A very good garden plant producing silvery white arching spikes at the end of the season. Not grown a great deal because the similar Professor van der Wielen is better known and more popular. Increases well but needs plenty of water to grow well.
Mont Blanc An early cultivar superseded long ago by newer white cultivars. Panicles rather primitive compared to modern cultivars. Still a nice garden plant making good clumps.
Nikki A very attractive low growing bushy habit with darkish pink flowers fading to silvery pink held on strong stems. An excellent garden plant which should be grown more in the future.
Opal An excellent astilbe which has been lost in cultivation throughout Europe but should be grown more. Good strong stems carry the magnificent panicles of silvery-lilac flowers well above the neat foliage. Increases well and makes a lovely garden plant. Rated very highly and a must to buy.
Ostrich Plume( see Straussenfeder) A very good popular cultivar of late flowering and with weeping stems. Best grown by a stream or lake as it needs plenty of water to bring out the best in it.
Paul Gaarder A very good garden plant with deep red panicles of flower, however it is not very vigorous and needs regular dividing to keep it going.
Peach Blossom Available from many nurseries in UK and Europe and one of the most popular cultivars. Very similar to Europa and being one of the first Astilbes to flower each year. Makes good clumps of plants with strong stems carrying many flowers. Increases well and an excellent garden plant. Used for forcing and the pot plant market.
Peaches and Cream A decent cultivar with good stems and attractive flower spikes. Unusual in that the flowers seem to be two coloured giving an interesting effect although rather dull. Grows well and makes a good garden plant.
Pink Lightning A very good late flowering dwarf cultivar. A low growing plant with sparse dark foliage and drooping panicles of large individual flowers. Good grower and very attractive.
Plumet Neigeux A very early cultivar rather primitive compared to modern cultivars so only useful as historical interest. A reasonable plant for the border.
Praecox Alba A nice plant with strong stems and attractive flower heads. Low growing and a good garden plant.
Professor van der Wielen A very popular late flowering cultivar with tall weeping flower spikes and dense flower heads. An excellent cultivar for planting by the edge of streams and lakes. Needs plenty of water to bring out the best of it.
Purple Glory An attractive plant flowering relatively early for a chinensis form. Very free flowering but stems need support in exposed positions. Available for a few nurseries in U.K.
Queen Alexandra The true plant is really not known although this plant seems to be near to the original description. There are at least two forms in nurseries bearing this name. A very good cultivar although not quick to increase, it is certainly worth planting in borders. Originally grown for the forcing market.
Queen of Holland A nice early flowering cultivar really a superior form of the species japonica. Makes good clumps and worth growing in border although superseded by newer white cultivars. Used for forcing in early years.
Radius A very good new cultivar with strong stems and nice flowers. Whether it will be around very long is debateable as these novelties are often superseded by newer introductions. Certainly worth growing.
Red Charm (see Rotstraussenfeder) Late flowering and good colour although tall and stems rather weak.
Red Sentinel A suitable cultivar for pot plant production but also for growing in the garden although not very vigorous. Has good deep red flower spikes which are heavy and liable to droop in the rain. Worth growing in the garden as it gives a good display.
Rheinland A popular cultivar of low growing habit in Late June. Available from nurseries in U.K. and widely grown in Europe.
Rhythm and Blues Good deep red colour with silvery contrast. Very attractive. Makes a good garden plant with strong stems.